Real success lies in the people.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing steady support for growth and building great teams.

We help people find their place and create a better world.

We help people find their place and create a better world.

We are active, trusted partners to Hungarian and international businesses. We represent the human side while bringing dynamism to our clients’ lives with our full-scale, integrated, white-collar HR services.

Our clients can continue to work with team members who inspire, support, and develop business operations in the long term and drive toward the company’s goals.

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Valuable things arise from our cooperation


We are more than a supplier. Our aim is to think together with our clients about business challenges, whether they are operational or strategic HR processes


Our clients’ success is also our success, which is why we support the company’s HR strategy with customized, data-driven reports, personalized advice, and innovative methodologies.

Up to date

We combine professional knowledge with a fresh, creative drive to ensure that we add new members to our clients’ teams as quickly as possible.



We know the most important aspects of business, so in addition to identifying and screening the best candidates, we also provide decision support and organisational development services.


We offer complete, integrated HR services. We have a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, so we provide effective solutions for all aspects of organisational and white-collar workforce challenges.


We monitor trends, look for innovative solutions and digital HR technologies, but we also recognise when to use classic, analogue HR methods. We are constantly evolving and developing ourselves.

Our services

Our services

You understand your business, we deliver the right people for it. We provide the broadest spectrum of HR services related to the white-collar labour market, which means that we have the most effective solution also in the changing circumstances.

Recruitment and Permanent Placement

A classic HR solution with a fresh, innovative approach when you need experts with specialist skills added to your organisation. We have specialised recruitment and permanent placement teams in functional areas supporting our clients.

Temporary placement

Temporary workers also become full-fledged team members, while we take over the burden of labour-related tasks, thus helping to optimise costs and processes.

HR and labour consultancy

Every organisation needs an expert partner in the fields of HR and employment on which it can always rely. This is how we support business stability and growth.

Organisational development and trainings

Efficiency, business development and the retention of excellent employees are inherent in organisational development and training. We offer both individual and group solutions.

HR solutions for SMEs

We provide flexible, cost-effective HR solutions, fast and simple processes tailored to the unique needs of Hungarian SMEs. Support is available from taking over partial tasks to the entire HR function.

Executive search

With our more than 30 years of experience, knowledge of the market and our extensive network of contacts, we can provide you with the support you need to find top and middle managers, with complete discretion. Take your company to the next level!


Our expertise lies in our experience and market knowledge. The flexibility and creativity we provide ensures that we find the right solution for you also in unique situations.

Pharma and Health

We understand the HR needs, specific job roles and required competencies of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our pharma consulting team has decades of experience and contacts in the field.

Finance, banking, and insurance

We have comprehensive and proven solutions to help you find the ideal candidate. We know that a unique combination of professionalism, motivation and reliability is essential in this sector.

Energy and utilities

With in-depth industry knowledge, a local and global network of contacts, and the most innovative methods, we address the labour market challenges of the energy and utilities sector. In addition to our comprehensive services, we also offer an HR decision support function.

ICT and media

We know that IT and related areas present some of the biggest challenges for HR teams. The latest recruitment methods, which we use ensure the right candidate base, and our team’s technological expertise protects our clients’ credibility and the efficiency of the selection process.

Service Centres

With many successful Service Centres placements under our belt, we have an outstanding track record in this field. We find the right candidates for vacant positions with great accuracy and as quickly as possible.

Manufacturing, production, Industry 4.0

In other sectors, we have already experienced the changes in the field of HR that Industry 4.0 has brought to this area. Our specialised team of consultants, led by a manager with an engineering background, has an insider’s understanding of the needs of job seekers and can authentically represent the needs of our clients.


Trade, logistics, transport, and tourism hold new challenges in the labour market. Our team provides HR services and support with tailor-made solutions, always adapted to the situation at hand.



We are an active player in the HR profession, familiar with local and international trends.
We strive to inspire, educate, as well as learn from the stakeholders in the labour market.

Corporate social responsibility

We are active members of communities whose values we share. That is why we are Bridge Budapest's Conscious Business Ambassadors, and as an Edisonplatform “Cool Company”, we are also involved in building children’s futures in the best way we can: by positively shaping the labour market. Where possible, we give back to society through supporting those in need.

Our values and ethical conduct

We build on the foundations of diversity, inclusion, as well as knowledge-driven operations. We perform our work conscientiously, based on the values of equality and transparency, and with the highest customer focus and empathy. We provide our staff with equal but personalised opportunities for advancement. Our company operates in full compliance with the applicable laws, as well as the written and unwritten rules of fair and ethical business competition. Our Internal Code of Conduct and Ethics and our Quality Policy place particular emphasis on transparent and fair business operations that are sustainable in the long term, and which we also expect from our clients.


Our success is proven by the satisfaction and long-term commitment of our clients.